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Hire Quizmasters for Quiz Contests for Institutions, Corporates & Businesses

At CogniQuo, research is the bedrock of all our products, and we know why our quizzes are a cut above the rest. Our thorough research process ensures that each question is meticulously verified and validated. Collaborating with diverse clients including startups, SMEs, and corporates, our research team delves into various subjects, concepts, and custom themes to gather fascinating questions and insightful facts. Given the opportunity, our content development team and professional quizmasters are duly prepared to conduct corporate quiz events and bring about audience delight.

We are planning several quiz activities at the school level to interact with young minds, encourage traditional thinking, and foster growth. Our professional quizmasters in different areas can bring the crowd to their feet, delight their senses, and enrich their aptitude and thirst for knowledge and curiosity in every possible way. Our experienced content team can churn out questions that will make the participants and audience think, and reflect on what they know about a subject, topic, theme or discussion.

Why CogniQuo for Quiz Contests?

The objective is to gather individuals in a quiz event environment, where they can be entertained, enlightened, and potentially win exciting prizes, using skillfully crafted and extensively researched diverse, stimulating, and captivating quizzes. We strive to add flavor to the competitive spirit of quizzing with young and adults alike and revive the traditional thinking methods in the process.

One-stop platform for Quizzing

Based out of Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, we are one of the fastest-growing quiz service companies in South India, catering to 50+ educational institutions and universities in Tamilnadu. No wonder, more recently, we became the first quizzing company into edutainment, infotainment, and biztainment in Coimbatore to conduct a women-only quiz contest at a mall, drawing the attention of the public and local media. We aim to go global and conduct quizzing events in various international destinations in over 20 categories–both technical and non-technical subjects. Throughout our journey, we have evolved into a one-stop platform that caters to all your content needs, providing informative, communicative, and entertaining quiz material across multiple physical platforms. Here is a comprehensive list of quiz contests conducted by CogniQuo:

  1. B (Business)-Quiz

2. Startup Quiz

3. Women’s Quiz

4. Spellbee

5. English Quiz

6. Math Quiz

7. IQ

8. Management Quiz

9. Science Quiz

10. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Quiz

11. Digital Marketing & Transformation (DMT) Quiz

12. Marketing Quiz

13. India Special Quiz

14. Sports Quiz

15. Engineering (excl.) Quiz

16. Custom (Subject) Quiz

17. Custom (Theme) Quiz

18. Innovation Quiz

19. Emerging Tech Quiz

20. தமிழ் வினாடி வினா – Tamil Quiz

We conduct Quiz contests with our Quizmasters at

  • Schools
  • Colleges, Universities & Institutions
  • Business, Enterprise & Corporate Events
  • Communities – Societies, Gated Communities & Apartments
  • TV & YouTube Shows
  • Government Events
  • Public Events (Malls)
  • Physical Expos, Conferences, Presentations, Seminars, Symposiums & Meetups
  • Private recreational events

Deliverable to Sponsors 
  1. Brand Promotion–Physical & Digital (Social Media profiles & Websites)—Pre-Event & Post-Event.
  2. Sponsor to become part of the wider educational & startup community ecosystem.
  3. Opportunity to bring out the latent abilities of students & showcase their talents at the highest level through sponsor support.
  4. Long-term association with what will be one of the fastest-growing Edutainment platforms/communities.
  5. PR & Media Support.
  6. Lifetime profile (membership) with By The Startups Community availing of its benefits such as profile submission, networking, lead generation, and many more.

Finally, CogniQuo is simply an exciting ‘Journey’ wherein we would love to collaborate with the sponsor brand time and again, contribute to your growth, and strengthen our relationship for the long term (without adding any caveat).

Expectations from Sponsor  
  1. Prompt payment with a timeline to start the event
  2. Quality time for the successful completion of the event.
  3. Design support, if required. Separate charges will incur if done by our team.
  4. Winners & Runners-up mementos to be designed and provided by the sponsor. Separate charges will incur if done by our team.
  5. Commitment from the sponsor concerning payment, time, and deliverables, as stated and agreed upon.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to working with startups, SMEs, businesses, corporates, enterprises (acting as brand sponsors,) and institutions long-term for mutual benefits.