Partnership with Edu Tech & Product & Solution Companies

CogniQuo is ready to join hands with companies, and even startups that are into edu tech and edu products and solutions for institutions, including colleges, universities, schools, and businesses (B2B). We can promote their products and solutions on our platform across institutions and companies that may have specific requirements. We help change leaders in educational institutions and companies by advancing education, training, and knowledge transfer through the right technology and innovation.

Linking Edu Tech & Product & Solution Companies with Institutions and Businesses

Because Cogniquo is already part of the higher education ecosystem, we can easily be the go-between for edu service providers/product companies and institutions, whether they want to promote their products or solutions on our platforms or sponsor our edu events hosted in institutions and communities.

Our objective is to promote the best edu service providers, edu tech, and product companies and transform education through innovative and technology-driven learning solutions within educational institutions and organizations. Besides, they can join the By The Startups Community and promote themselves at Institute Industry Connect platform, another excitingly successful platform that connects institutions with industry. Just call or WhatsApp us for a partnership. You can also contact us if you’re ready to sponsor any of our events.