Training in Innovation, Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Innovation Management, Leadership & Entrepreneurship Development Programs

CogniQuo focuses on leadership development, innovation strategies, and digital skills training for businesses, schools, and young individuals. We aim to equip organizations and people with the essential skills to succeed in a constantly changing environment. Adopting customized solutions and impactful programs, our team of experts aims to foster success and progress in the fast-paced modern world.

Leadership Development Programs

We understand the significance of effective leadership in achieving success within an organization. Our programs for developing leadership skills center on nurturing crucial qualities, improving decision-making capabilities, promoting efficient communication, and fostering the necessary skills to inspire and motivate teams. Through a combination of interactive workshops, coaching sessions, and assessments, we empower leaders with the necessary knowledge and tools to encourage innovation and establish teams that excel.

Enterprise Innovation Management

Innovation plays a crucial role in driving growth and gaining a competitive edge. CogniQuo’s Enterprise Innovation Management programmes support companies in cultivating an innovative environment by building strategies that promote innovative thinking, problem-solving, and revolutionary ideas. We work hand in hand with our clients to pinpoint specific obstacles and prospects, and introduce top-notch practices while recommending innovative frameworks, procedures, and initiatives. These tools empower organizations to constantly evolve, explore fresh opportunities, and remain at the forefront of their industry.

Student Entrepreneurship Programs in Institutions

The Innovation Training for Student Entrepreneurs program is crafted to provide young, ambitious entrepreneurs with the essential knowledge, mindset, and abilities needed to cultivate innovation and achieve success in their business endeavors. Through this training, students will gain a thorough grasp of the innovation process, creative problem-solving strategies, and the capacity to recognize and capitalize on opportunities for groundbreaking and game-changing concepts.

TeKreate: Unleashing Innovation & Creativity for School Students

TeKreate, designed for children aged between 12 and 17 years (Middle school & High school), is a captivating and interactive initiative crafted to empower children with vital digital skills, spark their imagination, cultivate innovation, and cultivate their storytelling talents. By engaging in a range of practical exercises, collaborative endeavors, and immersive encounters, this initiative strives to equip youngsters with the necessary tools and mindset to excel in a world driven by technology.

 Innovation Training in Career & Placement in Institutions

In general, innovation training in careers and placement area majorly involve the skillsets mentioned below, which will be covered exhaustively, though it would be along with case studies and activities around select skillsets.

1. Embrace a growth mindset

2. Problem-solving skills

3. Creativity & ideation

4. Collaboration & communication

5. Risk-taking & Resilience

6. Adaptability &Agility

7. Entrepreneurial mindset

8. Intrapreneurial mindset – How to become an efficient Intrapreneur?

Programme Details


The icreate@Campus program equips students with the ability to identify opportunities and assists them in making informed choices through a systematic thought process on how to bring their ideas to the market with the necessary validation. By participating in this program, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the entrepreneurial business process and cultivate skills in embracing ambiguity, thinking creatively, and making calculated risks. Additionally, these programs can be integrated into the Innovation councils of higher educational institutions.

iMpact Catalyst

The iMpact Catalyst program focuses on providing essential training in order to equip future socially responsible entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindset to establish businesses that not only drive economic growth but also make a positive impact on society and the environment. Visionaries possess the capacity to pioneer a new era of hybrid organizations that blend non-profit goals with business strategies. Come join us in unleashing your potential as a socially responsible entrepreneur and effecting change on a global scale!

Core Team

Arunaa ES Innovation Training Coach

Arunaa brings over 20 years of industry experience in Manufacturing and IT services. Throughout her career, she has successfully launched a gaming app focused on innovation and developed training materials to enhance innovation capabilities. As an innovation management professional, her skills are instrumental in guiding organizations towards intentional innovation by establishing a comprehensive innovation ecosystem. Arunaa holds a degree in Psychology and is certified as a Design Thinking Professional by MIT Sloan Executive Education, US, as well as in the Jobs-To-Be-Done Framework. She excels in leading innovation workshops utilizing various methodologies and frameworks such as 10 types of breakthrough innovation, Value Proposition Canvas, and Game Storming.