CoqniQuo – Biztainment, Edutainment & Infotainment Platform

CogniQuo (a combination of two words: Cognition and Quotient) is a unique, robust Edutainment (a combination of two words: Education and Entertainment) and Biztainment (a combination of two words: Business and Entertainment) platform, and is the only one that is built to co-exist with and cater to the growing needs of Startups, established Companies, Corporate, Institutions and the wider Entrepreneurial ecosystem in the area of Skill Development, Edutainment and Biztainment  by linking Academia with the Industry through Skill Development, Customised, Powerful Content, Tailored Events (on-demand) and Measurable Outcomes. We are proud to hail from the entrepreneurial, industrial and enterprising city of Coimbatore in Tamilnadu, associated with By The Startups (web: www.bythestartups.com), one of the biggest startups and business communities in South India.

Our strong connection with the various institutes, organizations, communities, media, corporate and the wider ecosystem at different levels offers us a distinct advantage over others to further our delivery.

The key is not to limit the use of today’s plethora of tech tools and techniques, but to restore traditional thinking to the place it rightfully deserves for the progress of humanity.

Shameer. S, Founder – CogniQuo


CogniQuo strives to create a robust youth talent pipeline through skill development and tailored events and custom programs that enhance one’s natural skills and abilities for the betterment of our nation.


Establish strong Institute-Industry ties, in addition to B2B Connects, through meticulously crafted events, trainings, programs and a series of promotional activities and campaigns. 


Enhance brand visibility and sales prospects of all businesses, startups, organizations and even institutions that associate with us through trust, collaboration and mutual cooperation, and create measurable value for them.

Why CogniQuo?

One of our key watchwords is ‘EXPERIENCE’. We want to give that ‘experiential’ value every time whatever we do. Though we boast a growing list of Edutainment and Biztainment services, we believe in 3C’s–Co-Existence, Coopetition, Collaboration–and not Competition, as we work on demand, and thus others are unlikely to reproduce or replicate our efforts. That is our USP too! This said we don’t believe in giving too many chills and thrills (we are never event management driven), as our efforts are only outcome-based. This also enables us to plan backward and reverse-engineer our efforts accordingly which forms the core of our operations. Lastly, we are proud to conduct some of our activities based on reviving traditional cognitive skills. Thus, CogniQuo helps conserve the precious energy of today’s youth that are over dependent on the might of technology, channelizing it towards the betterment of the society and nation. Are you thinking about what we’ll do next? Now, that’s everybody’s guess!

Proposal Statement

We would like to act as a service provider for the above-mentioned services maximising our potential and abilities for the growth and benefit of your esteemed institution.

Core Team

Shameer.S – Founder

# Founder – IT Projects Media, By The Startups Community & Lead Digital Network
# Representative – Coimbatore North – StartupTN (Tamilnadu Startup Innovation & Mission), & EDII, Govt of TN
# Member – Board of Studies (MBA) – Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science & Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore
# Institution Member & Ambassador – IIC (Institute Innovation Council) & MoU Cell & AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt of India
# Member – Kapila Committee, Ministry of HRD, Govt of India
# Mentor of Incubation Centres – SPARK, Cultivat8
# Advocate Member – American Association for the Advancement of Science: AAAS
# Recipient of several Community Enabler awards from different Incubators